This new weblog is part of the League’s mission to communicate and learn from one another, share ideas and cooperate on history and heritage related projects throughout Snohomish County.  Drawing from the idea that the whole is better than the sum of its parts, it is hoped that we will find ways to share resources and ideas to preserve our historic architecture, protect cultural resources,  improve our museums collections, provide better heritage programs and exhibits.  We hope to share and compete in a healthy innovative way for new and old funding sources to promote a better understanding of county heritage.

Our most recent activity included the Feb 28th Disaster Preparedness Workshop with Tracy Tallman of the Historic Preservation Commission/Snohomish County Museum and Melinda Van Wingen of the Everett Public Library Northwest Room.

Our next workshop will be the  Collections Care Workshop
on Friday March 6th, 2009
, 9 am – 3 pm.
Waltz Building, Snohomish.
Instructor is Lynette Miller, Head of Collections, Washington State History Research Center.

  1. GREAT start on the Blog! I anticipate lots of folks using the search engine; what a nifty tool for ALL SnoCo researchers. Searching the websites of ALL League member organizations in one operation – WOW! what a concept!

  2. Happy to be the first to post: “Looking Good Karen”
    I know how much time these things vacuum up but it’s worth it with results like this.

    If any readers are on the river next weekend, city of Snohomish is throwing itself a birthday party on Saturday, March 7 — including stories by David Dilgard at the library at 11AM. We can trust David to point out that only claim holders were here 150 years ago … but still good enough reason to throw a party I suppose.


  3. Louise Lindgren

    Congratulations on setting up a new blog for all of us who care about the heritage of Snohomish County and the region. I realize it takes devotion and many volunteer hours to maintain the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations website and blog. Please know that your effort is appreciated and will result in a stronger heritage community, acting in concert toward shared goals in years to come.

  4. Hi Karen,
    Developing new ways for members and friends to communicate and raise awareness will benefit us all. Thanks for your vision and tenacity to move projects like this forward. Best wishes as the new League Presidente!