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Preservation Week April 24th – 30th – Help to preserve our family and community histories – Visit Your Local History Museum or Genealogical Society! Our community and family photo collections and stories are very valuable and they are being lost to those who might some day appreciate them.  Therefore – this week we encourage you […]

The importance of preserving photographs…. sitting in dusty corners of antique shops, or worse, moldering away under piles of garbage at a county dump? How many shoeboxes and scrapbooks hold pictures that could answer the questions of those who seek their community’s history? We historians honor not only those who took the time to make the images and save them for “someday,” but those, like Bob Morse, who recognize the importance of adding to the community memory by saving and sharing those open windows to the past.

Two new stories have been posted on our Women’s Legacy Project page ~ One story on Pilchuck Julia by Betty Gaeng of the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society. The other is of Luella Boyer, an African American businesswoman who lived in Everett.  We have little history on African Americans in Snohomish County and are pleased to present […]

Our Women’s Legacy Project now has a new home – We have 67 stories and are hoping for 100 – if you would like to contribute, please contact info at – our editorial committee will consider all new biographical stories about women in Snohomish County history.   We especially welcome histories of women’s organizations! […]

Thanks to Margaret Riddle, Betty Lou Gaeng of the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society and Louise Lindgren of Index for their new additions to the Women’s Legacy Project biographical histories.  We now have 60 of 100 planned women’s stories – now including many untold stories of Native American women and Louise’s account of the life of a […]