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Womens Legacy Project – New Domain!

Women's Legacy Project of Snohomish CountyOur Women’s Legacy Project now has a new home –

We have 67 stories and are hoping for 100 – if you would like to contribute, please contact info at – our editorial committee will consider all new biographical stories about women in Snohomish County history.   We especially welcome histories of women’s organizations!


Karen Prasse
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations

Women’s Legacy Project milestone!

Women's Legacy Project

Thanks to Margaret Riddle, Betty Lou Gaeng of the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society and Louise Lindgren of Index for their new additions to the Women’s Legacy Project biographical histories.  We now have 60 of 100 planned women’s stories – now including many untold stories of Native American women and Louise’s account of the life of a midwife, a profession that still exists in a much different form.  Please look over the updated list.  The names, professions, places and other details for finding stories you are interested in can be found by using our google custom search from our website.

More are to come, we have several being worked on – to contact us about contributions, email me below.

–Karen Prasse, Loscho President

Searching of League Member Websites using Google Custom Search

This searches a special subset of Google to find place names, events, road names, people, or any keyword. If a word is used on the website or one of the genealogical databases it will pop up in the custom google search of just Snohomish County history websites including the extensive collections maintained by the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society, photographs from Monroe, the League’s Women’s Legacy Project.