Heritage and Malstrom Award Luncheon March 1st

Snohomish County Heritage Day and Malstrom Award Luncheon

March 1st beginning 8:30 am.

Our 2014 Heritage Day and Malstrom Awards Luncheon will be March 1st.  (Click our web page for details and registration materials.)

The deadline for Malstrom Award nominations is Feb. 10th – so if you haven’t got them done, now is the time to contact Margaret Riddle and let her know.

Sessions is include programs on

  • using social media for our heritage groups
  • digitizing photographs by Sno-Isle Libraries and the Everett Public Library
  • the history of Centennial Trail project – a great collaboration of park and history
  • forum to learn about how to self-publish your history articles and books, both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Opportunities to meet and hear about other history related projects going on around the Counties.
  • Great Auction items!

The featured luncheon program will be Lynn Hyde, Education & Outreach Coordinator of the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve, a part of the National Park System.  He will bring us a program about the history and the historical preservation projects of this area, one of the first settled in the Puget Sound.

Please join us – registration materials here  (You don’t have to come for the whole day, see the registration materials for details.)


30th Annual League Meeting Jan 11th, 2014

League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations banner and logoPlease join us for Chocolate Cake and a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations at the historic Waltz Building.
The meeting will be held on Saturday morning January 11th, 2014. 10 am – Noon.

All members are encourage to attend to elect new officers and trustees.
The agenda will focus on the Malstrom Award Luncheon and Heritage Day planning to be held March 1st, 2014.
Mark your calendars
New members always welcome – see our About us page to join!

Karen Prasse
Current VP
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations

Quarterly Board Meeting Jan 21st

*LOSCHO Quarterly Board Meeting Agenda*
Monday January 21st, 2013,  10 am
Stanwood Area Historical Society
Meet in the 2nd floor museum or as otherwise directed when you get there.

Please Join us for discussions of Heritage Day, the Malstrom Award Nominations (Due Feb 8) and elections of officers.  If you have questions, 



Karen Prasse

League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations



Sea Travels – New Mariner History & Program Re-Scheduled

"SEA TRAVELS  Memoirs of a 20th Century Master Mariner" Vaugh Sherman speaks on his book which is the story of his uncle J. Holger Christensen.

Vaughn Sherman has been re-scheduled to speak on his book on the unusual life story of his uncle J. Holger Christensen.

Feb. 24, 6 p.m. – Marysville Library

Sponsored by the Marysville Historical Society

Sea Travels: Memoirs of a Twentieth Century Master Mariner follows Christensen as he works his way from family deckhand to master mariner — licensed to operate any merchant vessel worldwide.  Using seed money earned gold mining in Alaska, a Danish couple, J.Holger Christensen, his wife and their two young boys make their way to Bainbridge Island, Washington, buy a workboat, and establish themselves among the Pacific Northwest’s most respected seafarers.

J. Holger Christensen “was literally raised for the sea, starting with those childhood days when Dad tethered me to the mast of La Blanca” as he ferried cargo — often berries from Bainbridge Island or dynamite from DuPont — throughout Puget Sound.

“Sea Travels” plays out in the first person as Christensen plies the Pacific and visits distant lands detailing everything among them deadly weather, labor strife, shady crew members, renegade cargo, and unusual international relations. It tracks two generations of the Christensen family from Puget Sound’s pioneer days, to the Alaskan Gold Rush and onto the world’s open oceans. Their saga includes hard times and history — taking President Truman salmon fishing on Puget Sound and La Blanca’s dynamite-fueled explosion on a Tacoma shore, one of the most dramatic Puget Sound maritime episodes to this day — as well as the high jinks and heroism of rootless and restless men of the sea.

For the sake of his wife, Christensen ends his career as a merchant mariner shortly after World War II.  The couple went on to own a  hardware store and construction company on Bainbridge, then a hotel in Port Townsend.


J. Holger Christensen recorded his life story shortly before he died in 1988, at the request of his nephew, Vaughn Sherman of Edmonds.
Sherman transcribed the tapes, giving copies to family, as well as a few local libraries and museums.   Nearly 3 decades later, Sherman decided his uncle’s tales merit publishing for their unique details of 20th century culture, business, family life, the Great Depression and
World Wars.

Vaughn Sherman spent time at sea as a Pacific Northwest fisheries biologist before he was recruited by the CIA. He is author of Sasha’s Plotkin’s Deceit, an espionage novel based on his CIA service and has published three books dealing with the management of non-profit organizations.

Web pages: http://patosislandpress.com & www.vaughnsherman.com

September 2012, Patos Island Press
ISBN# 978-0-9847225-1-8~$15.95
208 pages/ 10 b&w photos/ 3 maps
CONTACT: Book It Northwest
Diane Duthweiler                     or        Gail DiRe
dduthweiler@comcast.net                   gail@gaildire.com
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