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Announcing – Snohomish County Heritage Day and Malstrom Award Luncheon

October 29th, 2011 Comments off

Save the Date –Saturday March 17th, 2012
9 am – 3 pm
Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center   27130 102nd Ave NW    Stanwood WA

The League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations Board has decided to expand its traditional Malstrom Awards Luncheon to include more opportunities for sharing ideas on history projects in and around Snohomish County. Volunteers, staff, board members, docents of our local heritage groups are invited to participate in several workshops and meetings for heritage organizations.  The workshops are designed as refreshers and to do some brainstorming on new ideas for historic preservation, exhibits, programming, education and school projects, genealogy and collections management.

Topics of the workshops include sponsorships/fund- raising, “High Tech History from Granite Falls, school programs (history day), historic preservation, mobile museums, exhibits, Snohomish County Mapping Project, volunteer recruitment, working with Past Perfect and collection management.
Heritage groups and individuals are invited to bring tabletop displays of recent projects and publications to sell.  Tables will be available around the perimeter of the main hall so all who attend will have a chance to converse informally with each other.

There is sure to be more than one topic here of interest to board members, staff, researchers, writers, volunteers and docents of our heritage groups of Snohomish County and surrounding counties. Details and registration information are now posted here.

Special thanks to the Stanwood Area Historical Society for hosting this event at their wonderful historic buildings – the D. O. Pearson House, the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center (former Public Hall) and History Museum.

Special note:
The League Board Annual Meeting for Board member elections will be held January 9th 2012 at10 am. All League members and more than one representative from each group are encouraged to join us at this meeting also in Stanwood at the Floyd. Nominations are open for new League Board members.

The Malstrom Award Nominations for projects completed in 2011 will be due Friday January 20th, 2012.

Hidden Treasures of our State’s Archives

May 17th, 2011 Comments off

Jerry Handfield, Washington State Archivist

Thursday evening May 26th, 2011
7 pm
Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center
27130 102nd Ave NW
Stanwood, WA  98292

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet Jerry Handfield, Washington State Archivist who will speak on the

“Hidden Treasures of our State’s Archives”. 

His talk will feature the unique public records preserved by the State Archives focusing on the Stanwood and Camano Island area. 

The Washington State Archives hold the public records that embody the history of the people, towns, counties, cities and public agencies of the State of Washington and Washington Territory (1853-1889). In some instances they are the only existing documentation of vital records (births, death etc.), property, people, governments, and organizations.  They include historical records on lands, plats and surveys, military service, naturalization, census, corporation records among many others.  They provide proof of dates and times of events, often revealing long forgotten family and community secrets and mysteries.

Washington State Digital Archives

Washington State Digital Archives

More and more of these records are being made accessible digitally on the State Archives website for use by researchers, genealogists, historians, the media and anyone who needs to official historical background of people, places, the evolution of our communities.
(  He will speak about the extent and development of this effort, privacy and public record disclosure controversies and the costs and savings of digitizing and management of unique treasures hidden in the gray archival boxes!

Stanwood Area Historical Society

Preservation and Conservation for Small Museums – Videos

April 29th, 2011 Comments off

Preservation Week 2011 has brought us many examples of how to save our treasures – both those help by families and by our community museums.   I’ve added a link to a Nebraska’s PBS website with several excellent, short, easily viewed videos on problems facing our small museums.  Note also the excellent articles written by experts to enhance those already available from the Library of Congress (see list below).

Our local history museums are our community attics and basements and need support in providing the best care they can for our artifacts, antiques, documents and photographs.  If you are a board member or volunteer of one of our local museums, please take the time to view these videos. They can help you recognize problems and plan for the future!

Contact the League by email ———  info at

Help to preserve our family and community histories !

April 27th, 2011 Comments off

Preservation Week April 24th – 30th – Help to preserve our family and community histories – Visit Your Local History Museum or Genealogical Society!

Our community and family photo collections and stories are very valuable and they are being lost to those who might some day appreciate them.  Therefore – this week we encourage you to think about how to celebrate your family and community history.  Some ways include:

—–Sit the family down for a quiet interview focusing on a member of your family. Let them remember life when they were young, the things they did for fun, how world events affected them, favorite stories and favorite rants. You’ll learn more than you think!  If you are a senior in your family, consider ways to share your own past and do identify your family photographs.

—–Consider hosting a neighborhood meeting to share life experiences. Those not born and raised in your community have a lot to offer and their stories will add to the most common American experience today, that of moving, arriving, beginning in a new place.

—–Support efforts to keep funding for historic preservation.

—–Visit or Volunteer at your Local Historical Society – keep our museums open, help with exhibits, programs or recordkeeping  —  Your Local Heritage Group Needs You !

There is a list of local heritage groups on the right side bar of our website – – each has many wonderful things to offer.  See Also Louise Lindgren’s wonderful discovery story of Index WA’s lost past!

For those of us involved in their family or community histories already – visit your neighboring group to listen and learn and learn and maybe collaborate.

For some important statistics on our local collections, click here!

Digital Archiving

August 13th, 2010 Comments off

The Library of Congress has produced some good basic videos on preservation
on “Why Digital Preservation is Important For You” –

Our personal photos, papers, music, and videos are important to us. They record the details of our lives and help define us. But increasingly,  our possessions and our communications are no longer material – they are digital and dependent on technology to make them accessible. This Library of Congress video (7:44) offers simple and practical strategies for personal  digital preservation….

See the websites below-

Also of interest if you don’t know about it already is the  Internet Archive
and the Wayback Machine –  The archives of the website since 2003 are here :*/

Karen Prasse
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