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Local history museums are like Icebergs

August 12th, 2009 Comments off

Our Historical Society Museums and Genealogical societies are our communities scrapbooks and antique collections – most of what is there is being preserved and in storage waiting for the appropriate exhibit or program to be featured. And managing all of this is complicated.

Congratulations to the Monroe Historical Society for winning the grant for a Museum assessment program. Running a local history museum is hard work. There are many rewards but the obligations can be overwhelming for volunteers and most of our small museums and genealogical groups are totally operated by unpaid history lovers who want to research and share. But there are difficult questions about what to keep for collections and what to say no to, finding volunteers to help keep our collections open, planning the next fresh new exhibit and the endless inventorying and cataloging, not to mention digitizing, publicity, programming…. Sometimes its just nice to get some outside input to help us focus on the big picture as well as the fun of the history. The Monroe museum has a great wealth of historic materials and newly written history on their website to build on for a new museum. Best of luck to them!

The applications for next year’s round are on Association of American Museums Museum Assessment Program – FY 2010 Deadline: February 16, 2010

For conservation assessment grants see –

Other grants –

National Endowment for the Humanities List of Grant programs

IMLS American Heritage Preservation Program

Karen Prasse
Stanwood Area Historical Society Volunteer
& President, League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations

Snohomish County HB 1386 Community Heritage Grant Program

June 23rd, 2009 1 comment

June 17, 2009. House Bill 1386 Grant Program

Councilman Brian Sullivan, Donna Ambrose, Sharie Freemantle and Wendy Becker made a presentation to the Historic Preservation Commission Wednesday evening June 16th creating the House Bill 1386 Heritage Grant Program. Councilman Sullivan made it clear that this program would not have been possible in these tough economic times without the help of all the council members and the executive’s office who came together to support this plan.

If the link to the application and guidelines at the bottom of this message doesn’t work, try front page under “Community Heritage Program.”

There is $45,000 in this fund for this calendar year and we would really like to see this all distributed to support heritage in Snohomish County. There is a ¼ cash match required and a ¼ in-kind match. For this year, the timing is tight. Applications are due by August 10, 2009 for expenditure by December 31, 2009. Next year the cycle will operate on the calendar year.

There is a provision for smaller grants that can be applied for via a letter application.

The application guidelines are not yet up on the web site, so we’ll provide more information later. Any questions can be addressed to Shari Freemantle at 425-388-3559 or or Wendy Becker at 425-388-3186 or

Information submitted by Tracy Tallman, Member of the Historic Preservation Commission

Collections Care Workshop by Lynette Miller

March 8th, 2009 Comments off
Lynette Miller at the Waltz Bldg

Lynette Miller at the Historic Waltz Bldg in Snohomish

Great Thanks to Mark Vessey of the Heritage Resource Center for arranging the Collections Care Workshop for our League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations members.  Sixteen members representing historical societies from Mukilteo, Snohomish,  Monroe, Alderwood Manor, Sky Valley, Marysville, Stanwood and Everett’s Museum of Snohomish County History were present for  Lynette Miller’s useful instructions and suggestions.  Her many years of experience as Head of Collections with the Washington State Historical Society were much appreciated.

Though all of us know about basic processes, her tips on marking objects, pest control, cleaning textiles and objects, collections policies and recordkeeping, legalities, insurance were very useful for each of us to take back to our own groups to help improve our processing our collections for better storage, locating and using in exhibits.

Thanks Again to those who attended and to Lynette!

Thanks also to Hostess, Darlene Huntington of the Snohomish Historical Society who gave us tours of the Blackman Museum and to Sonia Rahm who manages rentals of the Waltz Bldg.

Also, for those who were there, we’ve updated our old webpage listing of conservation resources on this new blog page based on Lynette’s workshop handouts.  (old page being remodeled

Karen Prasse, Pres, LOSCHO