Malstrom Award nomination forms are now available for the projects completed in 2014

Nominate your 2014 project for the 2014 Malstrom Award!

Nominate your 2014 project for the 2014 Malstrom Award!

Malstrom Award Nomination (doc)

Malstrom Award Nomination form (pdf)
Contact us if you need one to be [e]mailed to you.  Deadline will be Feb. 20th, 2015.  Annual Award Luncheon will be March 14th, 2015 at the Waltz Building in Snohomish.

The League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations invites individuals and groups to submit nominations for their heritage related projects in Snohomish County. The League’s Malstrom Awards are offered to recognize outstanding contributions to preserving our heritage in Snohomish County and to share experience, skills and resources. We encourage and welcome applications of all types and sizes to help acknowledge those that may go unnoticed outside of our local communities.

Eligible activities include historic preservation of architecture or cultural sites, historical or genealogical research/collections, exhibits, publications (print and online), audio/video productions and museum work. While an individual may be named to represent the project, it is usually the project itself and not the individual for which the award is made. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to nominate themselves since they have the best knowledge of the project.  If you think there is a good candidate but do not know how to begin, please contact us.

We can help people with the nomination form but often our members do not know of the projects so please encourage anyone who might be eligible to complete the forms.

To be eligible the project

• must have been completed in prior calendar year

• must be either independent (for example, a book, exhibit, or historic building restoration) or a clearly identifiable portion of a larger project.

If more than one publication is nominated, two Malstrom awards may be given, one for an outstanding publication and one for an outstanding project. 

The criteria the award will be based on:

• Providing new or unique historic information, interpretation or discoveries

• Contributing to the preservation or interpretation of Snohomish County history

• Use of best museum, research or digital practices

• Effective collaboration with other community organizations such as school groups, service clubs, libraries as additional outreach.

• Creative use of resources which may include funding, donated materials or services, consultants or staffing. A frequently asked question concerns applying for your own project, this is perfectly appropriate, the project managers are the most familiar with the projects and have the best access to documentation of the project (photos, testimonials, narrative descriptions, etc.)

Feel free to contact Karen to help with the application if you have questions.

If you have trouble we can email it to you, see address on About/Contact us tab above.

The League will ask an out-of-county historical group or individual to judge and select the winning project. Nominations for projects completed in 2014 must be postmarked by Feb 20th, 2015.

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