Historic Asset Inventory

Our new county-wide project:

LOSCHO Historic Asset Inventory

(And you can help!)


The Historic Asset Inventory and Mapping project is a computerized mapping system built using the ESRI ArcGIS Mapping System that visualizes and documents the historical places throughout Snohomish County.  It is unique, visual and powerful way of locating and mapping our historic places developed by volunteers at the Granite Falls Historical Society.  It is not online but some of the historical societies in the County have it on a computer to use for research and programming.  It is a work in progress in that we are still collecting and correcting information to be listed on this GIS system.

The League and other historical societies are helping with this county-wide historic asset inventory to better document historical places throughout the Snohomish County.  It is designed to be used by researchers of all types interested in the history of the local rural areas and some cities of Snohomish County and we are asking for volunteers to fill out forms that contain information on the old houses, barns, public buildings that we are quickly losing to the past.

Using knowledge of local history and geography, combined with several extensive sources of data from the county and State, the project is also designed to create a more complete list of historic buildings, structures, and sites considered to deserve recognition for their historical significance. Many of the sites are already on the National or State Registers of local places but there are many local historical buildings and sites that are not.

This information will be updated on standard forms in the LOSCHO Historic Mapping system (which already contains a “draft” version of the inventory) and offered to DAHP for inclusion in their online WISAARD system (available to the general public, researchers, historians, librarians, and teachers), which is designed to archive such data state-wide.

Volunteers are needed so if you are interested in taking part in this project, click here for our Information Handout and contact Fred Cruger of the  Granite Falls Historical Society.

​1)      An interactive online map allowing the user to explore Snohomish County ca. 1910 can be accessed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone at:
2)      An interactive online map allowing the user to overlay maps from 1910 through 1975, and with them the original homesteads in Snohomish County, can be accessed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone at:

3)      A map of 465 significant entries from the 2015 Historic Resource Scan contracted by Snohomish County can be found at:​