If you are searching for historical information, there are dozens of resources but this Snohomish County Custom Google Search can get you started with family history, historic places or museum management information close to home.  The Custom Search uses Google’s search engine to limit your search to information on the websites of local organizations or online publications.    Test it by putting in a family name, place or event and see if anyone has written about it before.
[I have found it works slightly better if you search more than one word or a phrase and if you use Google Chrome (browser) vs Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.  And there are sometimes inconsistent results so if anyone is good with setting up the Google Custom Search, please contact us!]

If you don’t have any luck,
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  1. Kim Culver Says:

    Looking to find out when the Boys & Girls Club clubhouse and daycare center buildings were constructed. Addresses are:
    705 1st St., Sultan – 2-story Clubhouse/utility field office
    707 1st St., Sultan – 1-story daycare center
    I understand that the structures were originally constructed by the DNR. Have not been able to get any information from them as yet. Can you help me on this? Thanks.

    Kim Culver

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