Women's Legacy Project of Snohomish County


We are happy to announce the availability of our rotating exhibit of the Women’s Legacy Project.  It is a floor standing three panel display featuring some of the new stories about the lives of women of Snohomish County over the century and a half.   Thanks to Edmonds Museum Director Tarin Erickson for her updated design and research.  It features stories of many Native American women and their descendants as well as those who sought the many improvements in our social and business conditions.

If you are interested in displaying this exhibit in your public space or for your event, check the League Calendar and contact me at the address below and we’ll make arrangements.

Womens Legacy Project Traveling Exhibit

Womens Legacy Project Traveling Exhibit

We are still looking for more stories, so email our editors for more  info to suggest a subject for a new story!

March is Womens History Month ! Posters (see below) are still available – contact us if you need more.

Womens History Month poster

Womens History Month poster – copies still available!


Karen Prasse

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  1. Megan Kjoss

    Hi, i am a 6th grade student at Sunrise Elementary. I am working on a National History Day project and would like your permission to use a cartoon picture from a search I found through the following website:snohomishwomenslegacy.org The image was on Google images of Uncle Sam’s newest baby. Please email me to let me know if I have copyright permission.

    Thank you,
    Megan Kjoss

  2. Hi Megan,
    The Journal the cartoon appeared in was called “Votes for Women“. The authors found it in the University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections page. You should credit the Journal article as a source. The signature on the cartoon looks like it reads “Lulu Shuff”. We have corrected the article so the complete citation is now there. Permission to reprint isn’t something we would grant since we did not create. In this case the copyright has lapsed since it is older than 1922. But you should always give credit and it should be UW Libraries Collections.
    Great Question – Best of luck on your History Day project!
    Karen Prasse
    League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations